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Sales services

Mersalg have sellers all over the country! All are equipped with the most modern electronic order-taking tool. We are a better alternative than having your own salesforce. This because we have many sellers and a considerably greater sales force than most other sales organizations. We can take total responsibility for the entire market, some chains or regions.

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Temporary staffing services

The grocery industry is changing. Increased cost focus within the industry means there is an increased need for flexibility, and consequently an increased focus on temporary employment based on fixed-term contracts. At Mersalg we have a dedicated department specialising in delivering temporary employers to grocery suppliers and shops.

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Product placement

We have experienced and efficient people who conduct product placements for chains and suppliers. We have very good references for our rebranding, remodelling and new openings of grocery and specialist shops.

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Demonstration services

Mersalg Demonstration Services is a nationwide demonstration force and part of the Mersalg Group. We have permanent employees who conduct demonstrations for Fjordland, Philips, Tulip, L'Oreal and Stange Gårdsprodukter, to name a few.

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