The Mersalg Group is one of the most complete and largest sales force systems in Norway!

The Mersalg Group has offices in Trondheim and Oslo, over 300 employees and approximately 150 million NOK in turnover annually (divided among multiple sales and merchandising management systems). Mersalg is structured as a traditional sales force, and we visit all grocery shops over the whole country. We also visit a number of specialist chains and service stations. Our  employees undergoes comprehensive training, including national- and regional sales meetings.  

Joint effort

Operating your own sales force is both costly and time-consuming. At Mersalg we provide sales services, merchandising and product placements for multiple clients within the same retail outlet visit. This results in major savings for our clients, and/or additional visits for the same cost.


Mersalg as your collaborative partner

With twenty years of experience and knowledge of the market, visits to 3,000 grocery and specialist shops, over 300 employees spread across the whole country equipped with order-enabled tablets as their sales support tool, we are able to satisfy the needs of your company.

We can customise a solution for your company at short notice. Contact our Managing Director Ståle Schibbye on 47 92 43 01 05, or our Comercial Director Hans Peter Rønning on 47 95 14 66 99. We treat all enquiries confidentially.


Why choose us?

The market is changing

Mersalg will customise a sales solution adapted to the changing needs of both supplier and chain in terms of visit schedule and task lists. This means flexibility and the ability to upscale or downscale to fit fluctuating market demands.

Tablet computers as sales support tools

With our tablets we can quickly give our customers status reports with photos from the shops. We can also do marked enquiries, and all kinds of storechecks. Contact us to know which solutions we can provide, there’s little we can’t do!

Inspection visits

At certain times suppliers will need inspection visits to be made to individual chains or regions. Mersalg will be able to provide a complete overview at short notice of the distribution of one or more products, if spaces is as agreed upon, or the use of ekstra places in the shops. We use our tablet computers to provide our suppliers with informative reports and images that shows the status of the shop. There’s little we can’t do!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Hans Petter Rønning

Hans Petter Rønning

Comercial Director
+47 95 14 66 99

Erik Lien

Erik Lien

Sales Director
+47 90 16 25 60

Hallgeir Frengstad

Hallgeir Frengstad

Operations Manager
+47 91 14 01 01

Ståle Schibbye

Ståle Schibbye

Managing Director
+47 92 43 01 05

Egil Grendstad

Egil Grendstad

Finance Director
+47 95 74 52 09


Mersalg was founded in 1994 and has since then provided sales and sales promotion services to a number of companies within the grocery trade, specialist shops and service station sectors.

We are an independent sales organisation and a neutral  partner without our own products. We work with a number of heavy-weight brands, but also small suppliers with significant growth potential.



Mersalg has a stable, talented and self-driven sales forces and competent demonstration operatives. With focus on the thorough training of our employees by means of sales meetings and regional meetings, etc., we take ownership of our clients’ products. Each employee has his or her own permanent retail outlets that they follow up on. This means that they have local knowledge, know the retail outlets well and have good relationships with the merchants.