We take ownership to your products!

Mersalg has over 50 salesreps and over 250 sales merchandisers organized in different sections based on the needs of our customers. They all have tablets as sales support tool. We can therefore be an alternative to having your own sales force, or serve sa a supplement to your own salesforce. We can take total responsibility for the entire marked, individual chains or regions.  

We have many salesreps who only work with a single or just a few clients. In-depth product knowledge and active sales training put our employees in a position to demonstrate high-performance sales results. Whether your company needs a single salesperson or an entire sales forece – We will customise a solution for your company!



250 permanently-employed sales merchandisers are ready to meet the needs of your company for tasks such as goods replenishment, order taking, inventory management, launch of new products, campaign sales, etc.


The majority of sales merchandisers work for 2-4 clients in each visit. This results in reduced costs and/ or a large number of visits for the agreed budget. But you can also employ your own sales merchansisers in some areas, or combine your own people with our staff.

We represent major brand suppliers who have been with us for many years, but also smaller operators with growth potential and with a need for a cost-effective follow up and monitoring of the retail outlets. We plan our retail site visits according to the frequency and action plans our customers have specified.


There are a lot of changes taking place in the groceries industry, and the need for temporary labour is increasing. At Mersalg we have a dedicated department that can find you the staff you need, whether short-term or long-term. We adapt well to change, and can provide your business with well-qualified staff anywhere in the country. All our employees have undergone a thorough interview including reference checks, which is aimed at ensuring that your business acquires the right person for the job. Our staff can be contracted for various services including product placement/shop openings, merchandising, sales, as shop assistants and storeroom staff.

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We have experienced and efficient people who conduct product placements for the chains and suppliers.

We can produce glowing references for our rebranding, remodelling and new openings of grocery and specialist shops. Mersalg can assume responsibility for the entire process or provide assistance in parts of the process.


Mersalg Demonstration Services is a nationwide demonstration force and part of the Mersalg Group.

Our permanent employees conduct demonstrations for Fjordland, Philips, Tulip, L'Oreal and Stange Gårdsprodukter, to name a few. All of our employees are fully-equipped with demo tables and cooking equipment.

Demonstrations are an important part of product marketing, especially when launching new products. Our focus is active sales,  and the thorough training of our employees results in increased sampling and sales to consumers during demonstrations and afterwards. We have a good deal of experience in conducting different demonstrations such as cooking, tastings and product information, sampling, surveys and participation in different trade fairs and events. With many years of experience in the industry, flexibility and a well-developed reporting system, we are able to offer your company an efficient solution for demonstrations.



The market is in a constant state of change – we are a flexible partner!

With a focus on ensuring that your company achieves its sales targets, together we will find an optimal solution for your company.

To find out how we can assist your future needs, please contact our Managing Director Frode Hansen on 47 92 68 58 16 or our Sales Director Hans Petter Rønning on 47 95 14 66 99 for a professional dialogue. All enquiries are treated confidentially.